Settling into the Life of a Housewife

21 Dec

I’m someone who likes structure. I like making lists, devising plans, and having a timetable! And so the first couple of weeks as “housewife” became a routine of laundry, fitness, grocery shopping, cooking and lots of reading! Before arriving, I had been excited at the prospect of having time to do a bit of studying again – albeit informally – and I poured over books on English Language and American History outside in our garden. Sandra and Jimmy had two pets – Tonka, an old dribbly cat who loved affection, and Bailey, an old dribbly dog that loved affection. They would regularly pop down to visit for a tickle on the tummy.

Tonka: dribbly but adorable

The garden had a bird bath which regularly attracted kiskadees –  stripy headed birds with bright yellow breasts, and once I was lucky enough to spy a rare Redbird – a striking bright-red bird with a Mohican feather-do on top of his head. Lizards would often flash blue across the wall, and, during the rain, some very big fat toads would hop past your feet as you dashed inside for cover. It was a lovely place to read and take in the surroundings.

We had no internet in the apartment, and so the Phone Book became my main source of knowledge! The Phone Book here contains the usual Yellow Pages listings, but also has bus timetables, restaurant menus, Government information and maps of the island. I studied the maps regularly, learning street names, pinpointing landmarks, in a bid to become familiar with the island, and feel “fixed” to my new home. If I read about an area in the newspaper, I would immediately look it up on the map. For me, being settled in an area is being able to say “yes” when someone says, “you know the dry cleaners down Lovers’ Lane just off of South Shore road…?

Our garden in our temporary apartment

Until Rich’s full work permit arrived, I wasn’t even allowed to apply for jobs, but quickly itched for a project to get my teeth into. And so I strolled into town, booked a slot on a library computer and researched volunteering opportunities in Bermuda.


2 Responses to “Settling into the Life of a Housewife”

  1. Ameera 21 December, 2010 at 8:59 am #

    great post! love that the cat is a who 😀

    • suscatty 21 December, 2010 at 11:42 am #

      Hi Ameera

      Thank you! Yes I often think of animals as humans complete with fully developed personalities! 😀 When I write about the cockroaches here though, they will definitely be referred to as THINGS! Thank you for taking the time to read my waffle x

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