Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

3 Jan

Well, 2010, what a year you have been! On 2nd January, Rich and I returned home to our house in Winchester to find that our water tank had leaked and ruined our bedroom. The house smelt of wet dog and the ceiling had a golden wet patch as if the tank had weed itself. We spent the next month sleeping on the sofa bed waiting for the snow to cease so the insurance company could inspect the damage. We wondered if this was a sign of things to come for the rest of 2010. But, it turned out to be a very lucky year for us, with a great wedding in Cyprus with so many of our family and friends, a momentous minimoon thanks to the Icelandic volcano erupting on our wedding day (Fireworks at a wedding – how 2009!) and then a move to Bermuda in the second half of the year.


NYE fireworks over Hamilton Harbour (photo courtesy of Rich)

We said goodbye to our favourite year so far in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda. The streets were full of people and the car park by the harbour had been transformed into a fairground of inflatable slides, candyfloss, an open air movie, and live music from local bands. What was rather refreshing, having spent so many NYEs in Romford as a teenager, was that there were no drunken brawls or hostile glares! There were lots of families with small children in tow, enjoying the atmosphere, and strangers wished you a happy new year as they passed by. It was like attending a big family party. After a mini bar crawl, Rich and I watched the fireworks at midnight from the balcony of his office, giving us an incredible view of the harbour, and the buzzing streets below. It was absolutely magical!

Yummy breakfast at the Fairmont Hotel, Southampton

We started off 2011 with a real treat – breakfast at the lovely Fairmont hotel in Southampton. The hotel was a Christmas wonderland of sparkling fairy lights and huge trees adorned with shiny baubles.

Dwarfed by the Fairmont's beautiful Christmas tree

After three courses of fruit, fluffy pancakes, Eggs Benedict and crispy bacon we decided to explore the east end of the island on Rich’s brand new scooter. With new cars costing an average of $30,000 here, most ex-pats have adopted scooters as their primary form of transport, including those who never thought they’d get on one (i.e. me). And when the sun shines and you are buzzing along the coastal roads, it really does feel like you’re flying by the ocean!

We finished the day with drinks at The Swizzle, and a few hours reading on the beach, followed by dinner, Prosecco and the brilliant Bill Bailey’s latest DVD at home. 2011 – I think I’m going to like you.

Our new scooter


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