Sunday afternoons

1 Feb

Bermudian life is largely an outdoor one – snorkelling, sailing, jet-skiing and eating al fresco. In the winter though, activities are a bit more limited. Although we are surrounded by palm trees and hibiscus, it’s certainly not tropical here at the moment. When I head outside I’m wearing a coat and scarf, and indoors it sometimes takes me a few jumpers and two pairs of socks before I’m warm! Whilst the condo will be refreshingly cool in the summer, I am currently missing a carpeted living room and a fire. Hot air blowing out of the air conditioning units just isn’t quite as cosy!

With the colder weather, cinema is often our go-to option on a Sunday afternoon, but strangely it’s not hugely popular here. There are only four cinemas on the whole island, each with just one screen, so you have to wait for the film you want to see to come around and catch it that week before it moves on to its DVD fate.

Rich baking chocolate cupcakes (complete with Union Jack oven gloves!)

And so, with sunbathing on the beach out of the question and limited movie choices, the hubby and I have turned to baking for Sunday afternoon amusement. We’ve made cupcakes and cookies and brownies and blondies (white chocolate brownies) We’ve also ventured into savoury territory and tried our good friend Amy’s recipe for cheese scones which were easy to make and delicious to eat.

It’s been a lovely way of spending time together. There is no TV or laptop or iPhone as distraction; just us and some eggs, flour, butter and sugar. It’s refreshingly simple in comparison to our usual hectic weekends back in England.

Unfortunately the downside of baking sweet treats is you are completely aware of how much of the said butter and sugar has gone into them, a fact I’d previously just blocked out when scoffing my daily allowance of cookies and cake. But cooking with celery and tofu just wouldn’t be as much fun!

Our first baked goods! Cupcakes with vanilla frosting

Brownies (containing half a kilo of sugar and chocolate. But, who's counting?)

Nutella-filled chocolate cupcakes with Nutella flavoured frosting

I’m hoping that by the time my jeans start feeling snug it’ll be warm enough to swim off all this winter baking 🙂


One Response to “Sunday afternoons”

  1. linda scatliffe 1 February, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    They look delicious. I say carry on eating and living it large!!

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