Big Dogs Philosophy

18 Feb

Big barking angry dogs! (okay, maybe not so much in this picture.)

I jumped out of my skin the first time I walked down the hill from our new condo to the bus stop. On one side of the narrow road were two huge Alsatian dogs, barking and growling and salivating, their jaws pushed right up to the metal wire fence that stood between me and their stomachs. I scampered down the hill away from them, heart pounding, and, just as I began to breathe relief, barking started from the other side of the road! A huge beast of a black dog lived in the house opposite, and looked equally keen to chomp off my head. I was terrified that all three dogs would bound over their fences and take turns pulling off my limbs.

Once hubby had assured me that they were only interested in protecting their territory rather than becoming a Stephen King novel, I concluded that, over time, the dogs would get used to seeing me and bark less. Perhaps they’d even be open to a little pat on the head as I passed by!

Huge beast of a dog on the other side to the Alsatians! (I know the photo isn't great, but I took this while running away).

Over the next few weeks I tried clicking my tongue as I approached, calling them “good doggies”, shushing them like I would if I were trying to calm a baby… It didn’t work. They barked and growled and bounded up to the fence with equally aggressive excitement. Then, I tried ignoring them as I walked past – not making eye contact, treating them as if they were playground bullies waiting for a rise from me. They still barked ferociously, their eyes hard with hate.

Last week, as I was considering cuts of meat I could buy to bribe them with, I had a realisation. The dogs weren’t going to be my friends, no matter what I did. It was in their nature to bark and growl and they were going to remain that way. I couldn’t change them. I could only accept them for what they were.

The big dogs are like those situations or people you come across in life which irritate you, upset you and grind you down. You can try different tactics to make things better, but sometimes these things just can’t be changed. Now, I walk down the hill and I see the ocean in front of me, and my day ahead of me, and I don’t hear the big dogs quite so much.


2 Responses to “Big Dogs Philosophy”

  1. Lucy 23 February, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    You are lucky there was a fence between you and those dogs! I went for a walk to the beach the other week and walked past a house with a big scary Doberman in the garden…and NO fence!! Turns out they have an “invisible” fence which only stops the dogs getting out. No idea how it works or why but I was petrified because I could not see this “make believe” fence and instead saw my brief life flash before my eyes as I imagined being gobbled up!

    • suscatty 24 February, 2011 at 9:39 am #

      Yes, I’ve heard about those invisible fences. Shame they are invisible to humans too! You poor thing, I think I would have run for my life! I’ll count myself lucky next time I walk past the fenced-in dogs! x

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