26 Feb

I’ve always found beauty in water; deep lakes with secrets lying below their surface; streams gushing through rocks and reeds; ocean waves rushing up to the sand; fountains exploding beads of water that glisten in the sunlight… So it’s rather fortunate that I now live on a small island.

Recently I’ve found myself rushing from one charity meeting to the next, to the grocery store to the bus stop, to my yoga class to…absolutely nothing! At the end of last week, after I had spent a lovely hour stretching and bending, emulating a tree in the wind, a solid warrior and a er…unbalanced crow (need to work on that position a bit more) I realised with delight that I didn’t need to power walk to anywhere. So I took a stroll to the waterfront, sat on a bench and breathed in the view in front of me.

Hamilton harbour is a large expanse of beautiful blue ocean, peppered with shiny yachts and the occasional fishing boat. At this time of year there are no monstrous cruise ships churning the water, so the surface stays calm and serene, lapping ever so softly against the sides of the bobbing boats. There is a gentle jangle of clinking masts, and the occasional call of a seagull, but otherwise all is still and peaceful. On this particular day the sun was streaming through an unclouded sky and it made the small peaks of the water look like polished diamonds.

When I worked in London, our offices were right on the South Bank. The Thames and the beautiful backdrop of London’s most historic buildings were just outside. And yet in two years I probably stood at the railings and took in that view no more than two or three times. And even on those occasions, my nagging subconscious was reminding me that I “should really get back to the office as you’ve been away from your desk for at least, ooh, 4 minutes now.” What a waste of a view! If I’d spent a bit longer looking at it, I might be able to conjure it in my imagination and enjoy it now. But I didn’t and so all I have is a fuzzy outlines of a picture, spotted by age.

As I sat on my bench in the sunshine, I made a vow never to waste a view again.

Do you pass any beautiful views or sights during your week? Why not join me and make a vow to stop, shrug off the nagging voices to get on with your day, and just spend a moment seeing.


2 Responses to “Seeing”

  1. Frances 1 March, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    That’s rather pretty Scatty…I agree. We neglect the chance to just sit and observe, and sometimes thats one of the most pleasurable activities. You see so much more when you really look for it.

    And you’re right…you should have left your desk more at IBM. Molly, Ed and I saw some hilarious sights when munching on the SB benches. And made friends with a cat 🙂

    Still….not a patch on sunny Bermuda!

    Love x

    • suscatty 2 March, 2011 at 6:56 pm #

      Thanks Fran! And yes, I wish I had spent more time on the SB benches and made animal friends! x

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