Sightseeing and Snorkelling

4 Jul

We’ve been continuing to wear our tourist hats, thanks to a recent visit from my parents. It’s always lovely to show family and friends this new place called home, and Bermuda is particularly beautiful in the summer, when the oleanders are in bloom, the ocean is bright turquoise and it’s warm enough to scoot around in your shorts – even if it rains!

View from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Over the last few weeks we’ve visited Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton and breathed in the incredible views from the top; we’ve stood across the world’s smallest drawbridge in Somerset; and we’ve rambled through nature trails and remains of historic forts.

We finished off my parents’ trip with a snorkelling extravaganza weekend! On Saturday we pootled around Tobacco Bay in St George’s parish – a beautiful spot for snorkelling as the water is calm and enclosed by lots of rocks. There were a whole host of tropical fish swimming around us, nonplussed by the sight of a couple of large human creatures wearing ridiculous eye masks and making “meee!” sounds each time a new fish was spotted!

Captain Cumbers at the wheel!

On Sunday we hired a boat and cruised around for the afternoon, stopping where we fancied for a quick swim before zooming off again. Rich and my dad snorkelled around an 1800s shipwreck poking out of the water, and then later we all went for a swim and spied more vibrant fish and a couple of lobsters hanging out under a rock.

The Vixen Shipwreck, sunk in 1896

Previously I’d only snorkelled in the pools of Discovery Cove in Florida – where there are a number of fish and stingrays to swin with in an authentic-looking pool of rock and sea plants, but of course it’s artificial. Here were sea creatures in their natural habitat, darting through anemones, nibbling snacks off sea plants and whizzing through gaps in the rocks as if they were playing a giant game of Tag. I couldn’t believe this whole other world existed beneath my feet, a world I’d been missing each time I’d swum in an ocean without opening my eyes below the surface. It was a feeling akin to crunching snow beneath your feet for the first time, or riding a new roller-coaster – an exhilarating experience!

I could try and write about the beautiful scenes I saw at Tobacco Bay but I know I wouldn’t do it justice. Instead here’s a clip of just one of the videos Rich took with his new Go Pro Camera. Blue Planet, eat your heart out!

We hired our boat from Dreamcatchers, based at Barr’s Bay Park in Hamilton. The boat comes with an ice box, stereo, emergency equipment and noodles for floating around in the ocean!


One Response to “Sightseeing and Snorkelling”

  1. linda scatliffe 5 July, 2011 at 4:12 am #

    Oh what a privilege it was to swim with the fishes – fulfilling a dream I had when as a little girl I wanted to be Marina in the programme Stingray (and yes, I know she was only a puppet!)

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